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Body Image/Relationship to Food

Food sensitivities/intolerance

Healthy cooking / Meal planning

Elimination diets

Creating sustainable habits

Mindfulness techniques

Anxiety management

Getting started with Running

My Story
I know my history of a complicated relationship to food and body image is not unique.  Years of trying to find peace in my own skin lead me to learn positive, sustainable habits that have become the corner stone of my well being.  I strongly believe that anyone, armed with with the right tools and desire to change, can take ownership over their own health and experience the benefits that caring for oneself brings.  


As a Master Certified Health Coach I will guide you to better health and wellness through encouragement, accountability and evidenced based practices that help you achieve your vision of optimal health.  Together, we will explore your motivation to change and work to align your actions with your values.  


About Leah

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