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Mindset is Everything

So many of us jump into a new exercise routine or commit to “eating healthier” a bit on a whim. We have finally gotten sick enough of how we are feeling and are ready to take on a new healthy habit in the hopes that the results will be instantaneous and cause as little suffering as possible. It should come as no surprise that such an approach usually burns out hot and fast, the best of intentions replaced with the old habits in no time. So why is it that our good intentions seem to never result in the new and improved version we are seeking?

Mindset. This is a crucial component of any attempt to reach a goal that is often over looked but may be the key to success. Your mindset when setting about to make changes to your health and wellness can make all the difference as to whether you are successful in reaching your goals. Sure we spend a lot of time considering what foods we should be eating or what exercise to start doing, but little attention gets paid to how we think about the process. When is the last time you thought about these things before setting your sights on a goal?

Clarity- What is it you really want? What will a healthier version of yourself be able to do that you aren’t doing now? Will you be more active with your kids? Preparing more meals at home? Feeling better about blood work results? Clarity anchors our goals in something tangible and attainable and serves as a reminder everyday why you are doing what you are doing.

Authenticity- Be true to yourself and what works for you. Stop trying to compare your journey to your neighbor whose just finished her fifth Ironman and grows all her own organic food. If you start down a wellness path that requires you to run and you hate running, well guess how likely you are to continue? Being true to what inspires and drives you to be a better version of yourself is what will keep you steady when you feel like giving up.

Take Action- Mindset might matter the most here. Be willing to take action even when you don’t know how it will turn out. This is a tough one for those of us who like to know the ending of the book, but having a mindset of faith in yourself will come in handy when it starts to get uncomfortable. Let’s face it, no change, good or bad, happens without a bit of discomfort. You have to be willing to be a little afraid that you might fail and show up anyway. Avoiding discomfort and being afraid to fail will no doubt ensure that you make zero progress. Keep this in mind; the things that scare us the most, often lead us right to the transformation we are seeking.

Finally, trust yourself. Trust yourself to follow through on the new habits you are forming. If you say you are going for a run, count on yourself to do so. Trust yourself to listen to what is or isn’t working as you navigate new approaches to health. Trust that you have everything it takes to reach your vision of a healthier you and that you have the mindset to prove it.

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