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Navigating Disruption

It’s easy to feel on top of your game when life is going your way. But staying on track with your health when life throws you a curveball, can be incredibly difficult.

It’s a familiar story to many. Life is cruising along, your routine is dialed in. You are getting in the workouts, making time to meal prep and prioritizing your well being when the unexpected happens and it all seems to fall apart in a second.

Disruptions, big and small, are an inevitable part of life. Oftentimes when things feel out of our hands we throw in the towel completely. How can we possibly make time for our wellbeing when our energy is being redirected to manage a crisis and all that comes with it?

When these seasons of life inevitably happen it is important to take an assessment of what you can and cannot control. What can you reasonably still do? What can you let go? Your routine may have gone up in smoke but there may be parts to the day where you can integrate some healthy habits. For instance, you may not have to time to get in your usual workout, but is there time for a brisk walk to clear your mind and get your heart pumping? Don’t have access to your favorite healthy foods? No problem. Choose the next best thing and call it good. These small actions may not seem like much, but they serve not only help you manage better, but also make it much more likely that you will pick up with your old routine when life returns to normal.

When you have a strong foundation of healthy habits to fall back on you can rest assured that you are prepared for the unexpected. The same routines and habits that help you tackle the day to day demands of life, kick in no matter where you are or what you are doing because you develop an eye for seeing ways to incorporate these skills into new surroundings and circumstances.

Not only that, but these habits become a great source of comfort and familiarity during times when life feels in upheaval and for sure make you better equipped to handle whatever comes your way. I can recall challenging times in my life when the only thing keeping my head above water was an early morning run, time to pound my worries and frustrations into the pavement while returning to a feeling of calm and assurance. Those runs reminded me that like the miles, this too would pass.

Like so many times in life, offering yourself a bit of grace is equally as important. While trying to maintain some semblance of routine is good, holding yourself to an impossible standard is not. There is such a thing as good enough and it most certainly applies when facing unexpected difficulties in life. The last thing you need is to beat yourself up for not hitting a workout goal or eating as cleanly as you’d like. Show up as best you can and leave it at that.

Taking care of yourself during times of crisis should become non-negotiable. Hold tight to those habits you’ve come to rely on for your health and well being. They will no doubt serve you well when you need them the most.

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