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What Are You Waiting For?

I have spent the past year and a half preparing to launch my business. Although married to a business owner, I come from a long line of teachers so to say that making the decision to start a health coaching practice felt a bit out of my wheel house is an understatement. The stirring in my heart to be of service to others in this way had been building for a long time. I am passionate about wellness, had made living healthy a lifestyle and just knew I had something to offer others. So I took the classes, started working with clients and began the work of turning my passion into a business. Why then, when it came time to hang my shingle for the world to see, did I hesitate?

Self-doubt is often the loudest voices in our heads when we think we may want to try something new. The What-If’s come creeping in and before we know it, we have created a very convincing story about why we shouldn’t change the status quo. Add in perfectionism and throw in a little fear of failure and next thing you know you are stuck.

I had it in my mind that I would wait a bit before announcing my business venture to the world- wait until October 1st or the start of a new week. Nothing would be significant about sharing my news at 3:30 in the afternoon on a random day in September. And yet I found myself on that afternoon creating a Facebook post, ready to go. “What are you waiting for?” I asked myself. Do it- hit the publish button.

And so I did. The relief I felt was almost instant; the anxiety that comes from anticipation subsiding. Shortly there after, the likes and comments started coming in and I couldn’t help but feel proud for answering the call, the stirring in my heart.

Deciding to make a change, even ones that you want to, is hard. We may not like how things currently are, but there is familiarity and comfort in that and so we convince ourselves that things are fine. But are they? Maybe you know you it’s time to make some changes to your health- you are tired of being tired, having aching joints, seeing the numbers go up on the scale, frustrated that you can’t keep up with your kids, done with being overwhelmed by stress. Maybe you are feeling a stirring within. You know when its there. It pops into your head at random times. There is a quick “aha” moment that happens. I think it was Oprah who called it a “God Whisper.” What usually starts out as a whisper gets louder and louder. Do you know this feeling? Are there moments like this you’ve let pass you by and now you wish you hadn’t?

I remember my moment clearly. My husband was sharing a story about his friend who was frustrated that his wife was trying yet another diet to get in shape. I found myself saying, “I think I could help her.” And that was it. A seed was planted and the whisper started getting louder. If I had let the moment pass? Life would likely be just fine, familiar, safe and all that. But I wouldn’t have pushed myself to something a little bigger.

What is something you could have in your life if you chose to answer the call right now? Would you have more energy to show up in your life? Less stress? Could you cross a finish line? Start a new job? Fit into your favorite jeans? Why not commit to that today? Right now. Not first thing Monday morning or after the holidays. Now.

What are YOU waiting for?

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